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Hillhead Housing Association owns 830 properties in the Hillhead & Braes O’Yetts areas of Kirkintilloch. On average around 50 properties come up for allocation every year. We have around 500 applicant households on our housing list as at August 2023.

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Please note the following information;

  • You must be age 16 or over to apply for housing with us.
  • The quickest and easiest way to apply is online using the link below.  
  • You should also submit a housing application to East Dunbartonshire Council Housing Register.
  • Please note that we have greater availability of flats and 4 in a block style properties than houses.
  • Our properties are let with NO white goods, furnishings or floor coverings.

When you submit your application, you will receive an email acknowledgement and this will explain to you what happens next.

A paper application form is available on request from our office if you are unable to use the online application.

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Housing Application FAQs 

How long will I have to wait for an offer?

This is a really difficult question for us. It depends on the size of property that you need as well as the type of property that you are willing to accept. In general we have more vacancies in smaller properties such as flats and four in a blocks, houses become vacant much less frequently. Therefore, in order to maximise your chances of an offer the less you restrict property types and street choices the better. If you only want a house and you need 3 or more bedrooms these come up very infrequently and demand for them is high. Therefore, we are not able to say how long you may have to wait.

How many vacancies do you have?

We average around 40-50 vacancies a year across all property types and sizes. 45% of these vacancies are offered to East Dunbartonshire Council. Therefore, we have approximately 25 properties per year to allocate from our own waiting list. We currently have nearly 500 applicants on our waiting list for housing. Unfortunately this means that the proportion of applicants that we are able to help is very small.

Why are my points different to my application with East Dunbartonshire Council?

We are an entirely separate organisation from the Council and keep our own waiting list. We assess applicants against our Allocations Policy. East Dunbartonshire Council assess applicants against their own Allocations Policy. However, we recommend that applicants are on both lists as we offer a proportion of our vacancies to the Council.

I would like to have an extra bedroom (for grandchildren / relatives etc. to visit)

Because of the huge demand for social housing, we will only list you for the size of property that you need for permanent members of your household. Where evidence is provided of a medical need for extra bedrooms this will considered.

What about access or custody arrangements with children?

Due to the make up of our housing stock, when allocating properties that have 3 or more bedrooms we are generally only able to offer a bedroom to a child or children for whom the property will be their principal home. If joint custody arrangements are in place, and time is divided evenly between the parents or guardians, we will consider the household which receives child benefit payment to be the child’s principal home.

We do have some capacity to offer 2 bedroom properties to households where the access arrangements are for less time.

We will consider kinship care arrangements in the same way.

Proof of custody, access and kinship care arrangements will be required.

I have 0 points, what does this mean?

If you have received confirmation that your application has been assessed and you have been awarded 0 points, this means that you have no housing need in terms of our Allocations Policy. It is extremely unlikely that you will receive an offer of accommodation from us. You should let us know if any of your circumstances change.

Why have I not been awarded any medical points?

Medical points are only awarded where the medical condition or health or mobility problem can be improved by alternative housing.

Is there anything else that I can do?

Make sure that your name is on the Council list. If you are already a tenant of an Housing Association or Council, you can also apply for a mutual exchange at If you are a Hillhead HA tenant you will not need to pay to register.

Keep your choices of street and property type as wide as possible.