Strategic Objectives

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At our Strategy day in December 2019 we reviewed our strategic objectives to ensure that we stay focused on working towards our vision over the next 5 years. All of our activities will be aligned to delivering these specific objectives and outcomes and targets will help us measure our performance.

1.  To enhance our customer services

2.  To improve quality of life locally

3.  To strengthen local decision-making

4.  To encourage wider community engagement

5.  To maximise our use of digital technologies

6.  To safeguard our financial position

7.  To combat climate change

8.  To explore opportunities for growth



To enhance our customer services.


  • Successful engagement with our customers and community.
  • Maximise digital services accessible by customers.
  • Develop and implement a strategy for tenant involvement in assessing and improving our services.
  • Deliver our asset management strategy to improve housing stock.
  • Develop our welfare rights and tenancy support services.
  • Enable mobile working for staff to take the services to the tenant.
  • Explain  better what our services are worth – and include in our Value for Money Statement/ VfM strategy?
  • Older people’s services.

Outcome: We will know we have achieved this through high levels of customer satisfaction supported by strong performance results.

To improve quality of life locally.


·     Offer additional services .

·     Minimise effects of welfare reform & austerity.

·     Work with partners to improve health & wellbeing.

·     Develop and implement a Fuel Poverty Strategy.

·     Maintain and ensure tenant safety.

·     Access to various recreational spaces.

·     More play areas for children.

·     Strategy to tackle social isolation.

·     Young people activities?


Outcome: We will know we have achieved this through high levels of customer satisfaction with the local neighbourhood and high levels of social impact value.

To strengthen local decision-making.

·     Succession planning.

·     Encourage more members to join.

·     Empower tenants to participate in decision-making.

·     Make it easier for the community to take part/have a voice.

·     Understands the profile and needs of our tenants/customers.

·     Comply with regulatory standards SHR, OSCR, FCA.


Outcome: We will know that we have achieved this through  greater levels of tenant participation and involvement in the management and scrutiny of our services and continued positive level of engagement with SHR.

To encourage wider community engagement.

·     Develop and implement a Community Engagement Strategy

·     Roll out digitally enhanced services.

·     Engagement with wider community groups (e.g., schools).

·     Programmes for youth engagement.

·     A programme of community events.

·     Further development of our Service Improvement Panel.

·     Sport, fitness, health & wellbeing services.

·     Community litter picks.

·     Local history group.

·     Sponsorship/innovation fund for the community.


Outcome: We will know that we have achieved this through more tenants and service users being happy with the services we provide and the profile of our organisation is increased across our community.

To maximise our use of digital technologies.

·     Digital inclusion

·     Improve access to the internet for tenants and customers.

·     Develop and implement a Digital Strategy.

·     Introduce a Tenants Portal on our website.

·     Develop our App.

·     Streamline processes.

· Keep abreast of emerging technologies and utilise where appropriate.

Outcome: We will know that we have achieved this through more tenants and service users engaging with us digitally once we have expanded our on-line offering.

To safeguard our financial position.

·     Explore possible grant opportunities.

·     Reinvest financial surpluses into the business.

·     Comply with loan covenants.

·     Maximise our rental income.

·     Minimise rent loss through empty homes.

·     Assess the financial sustainability of any new opportunities.

·     Best value for money (e.g. procurement, development).

·     Treasury Management Policy

· Robust financial planning for life cycle elements (asset management strategy)

Outcome: We will know that we have achieved this through demonstrating ongoing value for money and that we are in the top quartile of our peers when assessing value for money for services delivered. We will ensure the reinvestment of surpluses into the  maintenance of our homes.


To combat climate change.

   ·      Develop and implement a Green Strategy.

   ·      Calculate our carbon footprint.

   ·      Reduce our carbon emissions.

   ·      Investigate renewable power sources for our office and houses.

   ·      Reduce/eliminate waste in the office.


Outcome: We will know that we have achieved this as our stock becomes more energy efficient and when have measured a reduction of 25% in our carbon footprint.

To explore opportunities for growth.

  ·      Maintain/create relationships with private developers.

  ·      Access funding for wider role.

  ·      Explore bringing trades in-house.

  ·      Set aside an innovation fund.


Outcome: We will know we have achieved this objective through an increase in the houses that we own and through improved quality and choice for tenants.