Internal and External Audit Arrangements

Hillhead Housing Association engages with audit firms for the purpose of internal and external auditing.

Quinn Internal Audit currently undertake internal audit on a range of services throughout the year. Their remit is to direct the Management Committee to:

  • ensure  there is sufficient, systematic review of the internal control arrangements of the registered social landlord, both operational (relating to effectiveness, efficiency and economy) and of financial reporting controls;
  • ensure weaknesses in control are being corrected and reporting to the governing body accordingly;
  • to consider the external auditor’s management letter;
  • to ensure that the recommendations from the internal audit function are followed through;
  • to commission special investigations into matters of particular concern relating to internal control;
  • to learn from the internal audit function of any major audit findings, and to advise theren

Hillhead Housing Association's external auditors are Chiene & Tait.  Their function is to:

  • Provide audit services for Hillhead Housing Association including audit of financial statements
  • Liaise with internal auditors as required
  • Complete any Corporation Tax returns and correspond with HMRC on the Association's behalf
  • Advise on any ad hoc queries which may arise during the audit process

    A full set of audited accounts for the year 2020-2021 can be downloaded from this page: